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When you call, a representative will:

  • Answer your questions about taking the Health Assessment
  • Help you understand your results

After hours, voicemail is also available. If you''d like to leave a message, your call will be returned during business hours, otherwise, it will be returned on the next business day. You''re important to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've forgotten my password. What should I do?
Please click on this "Forgot Password" link.

What happens to the personal information that I enter? Is it kept confidential?
For StayWell, your privacy is a top priority. All information you provide to this site is kept confidential. For a copy of our privacy policy statement, please click here.

The information you provide is confidential, and is saved directly to the StayWell database, which is highly secured. The information will only be accessed by our system during processing of online reports and performing statistical analysis. These reports were requested by your company and use only group information, not individual information. Only a few select individuals with security permissions from your company will have access to them. Otherwise, access to data is limited to StayWell Information Technology staff.

What is the Health Assessment?
The Health Assessment is a tool designed to see how your lifestyle habits affect your health and well-being. After you complete the assessment, we use the information you provided to create your confidential Online Health Assessment report.

Please be aware that your report is not a substitute for medical care and cannot be used to diagnose health problems.

Will I be able to keep my Health Assessment information for future reference?
After completing your Health Assessment, you will be presented with a printable feedback page, which you can keep for future reference.

Your server isn't allowing me to access one of your pages. What should I do?
You can only access StayWell Online with a User ID and password. Please call the HelpLine at 1-855-719-1904 if you're not sure what your User ID and password are, or if you have other questions.

What browser can I use to access this site?
For best user experience, we recommend using Internet Explorer 7.0 and above. StayWell Online is also compatible with the following internet browsers: Chrome 7.0 and above, Firefox 4.9 and above and Safari 4.0 and above.

How do you make sure your content is accurate?
To ensure accuracy and effectiveness in creating positive outcomes, we develop new products working closely with practicing subject matter experts. Our development process focuses on educating and motivating users, and goes through many rounds of quality assurance. Before we finally release them, all products are reviewed for content and clarity by an independent panel of experts. Many products are also tested with employees or other end-users, and revised as necessary before release.

Why am I asked to change my password?
We ask you to change your password every 72 days to protect your information and your privacy. By changing your password every now and then, it makes it more difficult for someone else to access your personal information.

The best passwords have at least eight characters with a combination of numbers and letters (example: lucky123, blue7619). (Please note that your password must be at least seven characters long for this application). Also, try not to create a password that others can easily guess.

How does this online Health Assessment work?
We use a standard web interface that displays a Health Assessment survey for you to fill out. Once you fill it out and you press the "Submit" button, the information is processed and a score is assigned to your information. Then you receive your personal report, while the system saves that information in our secure database to compare to your future results and to be used for statistical purposes.

For what kind of statistical purpose is the data used?
We perform statistical analysis of the data in order to review the overall outcomes of StayWell's programs, to track health trends, and to show that programs are helping people by improving their health. Our policy is to limit our use of individual data to conducting statistical research and fulfilling contractual obligations. We will not disclose individual or aggregate data in identifiable form, unless such disclosure is provided for in the StayWell Privacy Statement that you accept as part of your StayWell Online participation. Data will not be disclosed to any other parties except as specifically directed by our corporate customer and in accordance with the StayWell Privacy Statement.

How is this secure? How can I be sure?
Our Web server uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol which secures the session between you and the online application. This is the same technology used by many e-commerce Web sites that take credit card information over the Internet.

This information going over the Internet is encrypted and only your computer and the online application server have the "key" to unlock that information. The encryption process scrambles the information into a bunch of characters that do not make sense to anyone else.

Why do I need a User ID and password? Do I have to use them?
You need a User ID for StayWell to distinguish your personal information from others. A password is required to allow access to your information. The combination of your User ID and your password makes sure it's you before allowing access to your information. To protect yourself, please do not share your password with anyone.

Can my husband/wife/partner or other family member use my User ID and Password to do the Health Assessment?
No, your User ID and password only belong to you. If your other family member is eligible to participate, he/she will be given their own log-in information. It is important that you do not let others log in as you, because it can cause problems with your personal information. For example, they could change a characteristic about you and the system may not know that it was a mistake made by someone other than you.

How do I know someone can't get my User ID or password?
Your password is encrypted in our database. That means the letters and numbers are mixed up, so even if someone can see your information, they don't have the "key" to unlock the encryption. Be sure to keep your User ID to yourself for security.

What if I have a health factor, condition, disability or special need that makes it difficult, impossible, or medically inadvisable for me to participate in a wellness program or activity offered by StayWell?
StayWell desires to provide reasonable accommodations to an individual requesting assistance in order to remove a condition(s) that make it difficult for the individual to participate. Accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the individual's specific needs and/or physical or mental impairment, existing limitations, and the essential purpose of the wellness program. Participants who have disabilities or special needs should contact us for assistance. Staywell will make every effort to maintain confidentiality while addressing and accommodating the need. Please note that while StayWell will endeavor to, and desires to, provide reasonable accommodations to individuals making requests, StayWell will review individual accommodations on a case-by-case basis and StayWell may not be able to accommodate every request.

What is a PDF document?
PDF stands for portable document format. It is a universally accepted file format that can be used across different operating systems. The format was created by the Adobe® Systems Incorporated. In order to view a PDF document you need to have the Adobe® Reader® software installed. A free copy of the software can be downloaded from here.



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